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The evolution of Chest & Skin Allergy Speciality Centre dates back to the early 1990s with the founding of two professional organizations Asthma and Allergy Centre & Asthma and Allergy Club International.
In 1996 we started another patient care Centre at Karunagapally Chest & Skin Allergy Centre. Later in 2002, a 3rd Speciality Centre opened at Adoor central.
Over the Years, evolutionary changes occurred in patient care but the mission has remained the same . Advancement of the knowledge of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology for optimal patient care continues.
The new website envisage a forum for the suffering Respiratory ailment patients to know more about their disease, get better and quality health care, clear their doubts and much more.
Becoming a member of our AACIm Asthma and Allergy Club International, priority in getting state of the art information of your disease, Priority in getting appointment for consultation, quality treatment at affordable cost etc etc. . More over Newsletter and periodical leaflets etc will be provided. All depends on your enthusiasm. Life is a challenge. Keep yourself healthy to enjoy life.
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Who gets Allergy? Why does one become Allergic?
What Allergy test is available to confirm the sensitized allergen?
What is Allergy March?
What is skin prick test?
What is SLIT ( Sublingual swallow Immunotherapy)?